Tips from the Mechanical Shop


Shopping for Safety in Vehicle Crash-Worthiness

Safety in a vehicle comes from two areas. One is the safety of the vehicle’s construction known as crash-worthiness. The other area comes from a vehicle’s safety features that include air bags, anti-lock brakes, seat belts, traction control, head restraints, daytime running lights and child passenger equipment. 

What is a tune-up?

We find there are many different answers to questions about the time-honored "tune-up." Answers depend on the car, the problem with the car and the expectation(s) of the customer.

The dictionary defines tune-up as: an adjustment to ensure efficient functioning (a motor). This original definition goes back to early days of motoring when the engine had a spark coil for each cylinder. The current to these coils had to be adjusted until they hummed "in tune." 

When is it time to replace your automobile?

When you come up against your second big repair in a year on your 100,000 mile vehicle you are probably asking if it’s worth repairing or would it be better to replace it with a new or a lower mileage used car. Most cars nowadays will make it to at least 200,000 miles, so yours is not even middle aged yet.