Why We're Better


Why We're a Better Alternative to the Other Shop

We're Small

That's not a bad thing!  That means work begins on your vehicle as soon as it arrives.  Unless it's a very large job or requires a special order part, we usually have your car back to you that same day.  Being small also gives us more time to spend with you.  You'll be amazed at the time we devote to you and your vehicle. 

We're Skilled

Our shop is staffed by ASE Technicians who have years of experience.  That's right!  These gentlemen are not parts replacers who keep replacing parts until the vehicle fixes itself.  Our Techs actually diagnose vehicles.  Unfortunately in an effort to boost profits, many of the dealers have gone to a system of having one or two Master Techs on staff and a lot of apprentice techs.  Why?  Because apprentice techs aren't as costly to employ.  But, do you think they are passing those savings on to you?  Hmmm...   What is being passed down to you often times, is sub-standard work that takes much longer than it should and costs much more than is fair. 

We're a Great Value

In most cases you'll find our pricing to be 15% to 20% less than the dealer.  But, that's not where the real value is derived.  Simply put, we're just a better, more enjoyable experience.  You'll love our prices, but you'll be WOWED by our customer service! 

We're All about You

We're enjoying growth and prosperity in a very tough economical time and a very competitive industry.  Some of our competitors think we're very lucky.  The funny thing is, the harder we work the luckier we get!  The majority of our new clients are referred to us by friends, co-workers and family.  What's our secret to success?  It's simple...WE CARE.  Burnsville BP is family owned and operated, we're not some big automotive conglomerate.  We bend over backwards to make sure you are satisfied.  You can expect to be treated with honesty, respect and kindness at all times.  If you have a concern or aren't completely blown away by your experience with us, Tom and Perry are here every day and we want to hear from you.  At Burnsville BP, it's all about you!